SAFE Consulting Group main focus is Information 
Technology Governance and the activities under 

the Board and Top Executives responsibility related 

with the IT Value proposition and Management, Control and Security of Information and related

Technologies that allow the successful and sustainable mission of the enterprise.

SAFE has developed strong professional links with recognized world experts on IT Governance, Audit, Control and Security and through its members has been actively participating and supporting the professional activities of ISACA/ITGI® (Information Systems Audit & Control Association / Information Technology Governance Insitute).

Benefits for the SAFE Client

  • Acquisition of state of the art specialized Know-how through a network of expert international consultants.
  • Valued services for the shareholders and stakeholders.
  • Effective valuable return on consulting investment
  • Board level satisfaction and visibility
  • Improvement on client´s total customer experience
  • Improvement on involved personnel value and performance
  • Management focus over the "main business".
  • Third party assurance (SAFE), and compliance with regulatory entities.
  • Risk exposure reduction or mitigation.
  • Independent control reporting.
  • Flexibility in the provision of specialized resources.
  • Positive cost/value relationship for our customers.
  • Access to advanced Analytics, Continuous Monitoring and Fraud Detection techniques and methodologies.

  • Specialized training availability on methods and practices with our expert consultants.