Information Technology Governance 
IT Audit, Control and Security, 
Analytics y CX 

  • Operational, IT Auditing and Audit Technology implementation
  • ISO/IEC Certificacion:  9001, 27001, 20000-1 (ITIL), 22301 (BC)
  • Internet and Networks , Audit, Review and Security Monitoring

  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Quality Assurance Certification and Assurance Review 

  • Business Intelligence, Data Mining and Predictive Analysis 

  • CX - Customer Experience Management, Consulting and Support
  • Education and Training 

  • Control Consulting 

  • Business Continuity, Contingency and Business Recovery Planning
  • Information Security 

  • New Technologies
  • IT Risk evaluation

.  Specialized and IT audits and reviews to support to Internal Audit
.  Continuous Monitoring procedures and programs development
.  On-Line Audit Software developement and coaching
.  Audit Analytics techniques implementation
.  Value for money Audit programs development and implementation. 

ISO/IEC Certification: 9001, 27001, 20000-1 (ITIL), 22301 (BC)

        .  ISO/IEC Internal Audit for required Standard
        .  GAP Analysis, Implementation, Preparation for Certification
        .  Development of Procedures and Standards
        .  Training and support for a successful Certification and Audit Review. 


Internet and Networks, Audit, Review and Security Monitoring   
. Security framework assessment and evaluation according to applicable local or international Standards
. Ethical Hacking, Pen Testing
, Security Monitoring, Security Management Outsourcing
. Information Security and control devices evaluation
 and assessment.
. Best practices and Information Security Support and Assessment
. Information Security Monitoring

Fraud prevention and detection
. Fraud prevention function Chart and deployment.
. Anti-fraud Teams and target action Plan development.
. Event monitoring and follow up and investigation support.
. Fraud detection, triggering and prevention application developement
. CyberFraud prevention, detection and investigation.

Quatlity Assurance
. Quality Certification Consulting and Quality Auditing according to required industry, local or international estandards.
. IT Projects QA
. New Applications Development and Production Applications QA.
. Establishment of the QA function. 
. Education and Training (Statistics, Facilitators Training, Team Bulding, QA Internal Auditors Training)

Business Intelligence and Data Analytic Statistical and Predictive analysis
. Statistical descriptive analysis.
. Exploratory data analysis
. Model selection, construction and parameters estimation
. Model validation, simulation techniqques, sampling and projection
. Model reformulation. Discriminatory analysis, Object classification from known objects characteristics.
. Conglomerate Analysis: Unknown objects classification. 
. Population unknown parameters estimation. 
. Design and Analysis of sampling experiences to universe estimation or hypotesis testing and validation.
. Predictive Analytical Models Developements

CX - Customer Experience Management

With a vast and globally recognized and awarded experience and background within its consulting base developed on global leading and advanced technology companies, SAFE share its knowledge with their customers on the following services:

CX Start up, Management and Consulting

CX Strategies and Company Metrics 

. Surveys, Quality monitoring, Transactional and Relational NPS

Customer Intelligence, Visual Reporting & Advanced Analytics

. Campaign Management & Customer Segmentation

. Customer Journey Assessment

. Revenue Assurance

. Econometrical Models for Customer Satisfaction

. Net Promoter Scores (NPS) Implementation

. World Class Churn Management

. Brand positioning and development


Education and Training
. Professional training program developments in subjects related with our knowledge base and expertise such as Audit , Security, Quality, Fraud, e-business, Predictive Modeling, Statistical Analysis and training and developing of Data Analysis, Audit Analytics and Continuous Monitoring or Audit and Data Analysis Tool alerts and application development. 

Control Consulting
. Design and evaluation of General and Application Controls
. Design and evaluation of process and business cycles control
. Outsourcing process Consulting. Risk assessment.
. Business Continuity, Contingency and Business Recovery Planning

Information Security

. Evaluation and design of secure processing architectures. 
. Evaluation of the current security architecture
. Evaluation and design of Application Security controls. 
. Corporate risk Management.
. Support to the establishing of IT Audit function
. IT Audit Projects development

New Technologies

. Security and control assessment on new technologies

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